Consciousness level of Love and Appreciation

Love is a dream like state – a dream in which we find someone or something charming, attractive, beautiful. Our heart gets filled with admiration and appreciation and in such moments we only see beauty and goodness.

It’s a feeling of true appreciation, not about the words of appreciation but the feeling itself. Love is a state of being in the moments when you are truly appreciating something or someone. If you stay in that state for a while, you can transcend to the state of joy.

Love or appreciation can go in two directions –

Either it can bring desires of possessing your point of appreciation;

Or, it can bring joy without any desire of holding or possessing what you appreciate.

If you can transcend to joy, your consciousness raises to higher stage because joy vibrates at a higher frequency. Once you see the pathway of appreciation to joy, you realize that you don’t need to posses anything to feel joy. You also realize that possessing something or someone only satisfies ego but real joy arises in your own heart when you freely appreciate something or someone without any desired outcome.

If you practice raising your consciousness from appreciation to joy, you also understand that true love is not about holding or having something, neither for personal reasons nor for social validations.

You also realize the futility of social validations because now you can understand the difference between ego-satisfaction and real happiness.

Practicing joy is very easy.It can be practiced anywhere and anything can be your point of appreciation, but in the beginning start with nature, e.g. you can look at a tree or flower and appreciate it.

One easy way I generally use: Sit down on a chair next to a window. Relax yourself, calm down your mind, open your eyes and look outside. Find something you really like and feel appreciation in your heart. Avoid describing it, avoid use of any word, avoid thinking; Appreciate in your heart and not in your mind.

Feel the appreciation and enjoy being with your point of appreciation. Once you start feeling it, you will soon find your mood uplifting. You’re on a road which runs between appreciation, love, and joy.

As per Dr David R Hawkins, Love/Appreciation is at consciousness scale of 500 and Joy at 540. So if you can spend 10 minutes or more daily in state of appreciation and joy, it will be more than enough to clear any stress (or negative energy) generated throughout the day.

Ten minutes of appreciation and joy will also begin transformation process of raising your consciousness and you will start experiencing more satisfying, higher, uplifting, and supportive side of life.

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