Happy Magical Bubble Love

Welcome to Happy Magical Bubble!

What is Happy Magical Bubble?

I don’t remember the day I was born,
But I remember the days later on.

As a kid I didn’t know a lot,
And that bothered me not.
That was a time when,
My life was a Happy Magical Bubble!

I didn’t know think what,
or how to worry about,
I just enjoyed being alive,
In my Happy Magical Bubble!

It was fun growing,
watching and mimicking,
Laughing and giggling,
Sometimes crying,
Enjoying everything,
In my Happy Magical Bubble!

I was alright even when I cried.
I expressed what I genuinely felt,
I just enjoyed living the moment,
In my Happy Magical Bubble!

I didn’t know many emotions,
And I had no possessions.
I only knew Joy, Love, and Peace;
In my Happy Magical Bubble!

I didn’t hate, I didn’t judge.
I played with people,
I played with things,
And I enjoyed everything;
In my Happy Magical Bubble!

I was learning and I learned a lot,
Along with science and math,
I also learned to judge and discriminate,
On the way, I developed fears.
Yes! I grew up.

Years passed,
And soon I had a lot of rules and filters,
In order to get a life,
Called safe and comfortable.

I learned to make opinions about many,
And I worked hard to push by.
I developed ego and sense of pride,
Chasing endless goals,
On a bumpy ride.

Life was OK but I missed old days,
And I didn’t know why!

One day I questioned myself,
Spent some time with my True Self,
Scrutinized everything I had learned so far,
When I realized, I cried.

I had learned to stress,
I had learned to prove my point,
I had learned to support my beliefs,
I had learned to judge,
I had learned to win,
But I had left Joy, Love, and peace behind.

I had little Happiness,
And almost No Magic;
I wondered What happened,
To my Happy Magical Bubble!

Everything I had, was good for my ego;
But my heart wasn’t satisfied,
And my soul was crying for,
My Happy Magical Bubble!

I prayed to God,
Learned to meditate,
Read books of Right Knowledge,
And realized.

There’s no replacement for
Joy, Love, and Peace.
There is nothing as wonderful,
As a Happy Magical Bubble!

Now every day I just want to leave,
All the judgements, ego, and pride behind.
And fill more Joy, Love, and Peace;
In My Happy Magical Bubble!

My Happy Magical Bubble
Has a lot of space for Love, Joy, and Peace.
But no place for judgements, ego, or pride.

If you’re also missing
Your Happy Magical Bubble;
Learn to Meditate,
Spend time with your true self,
Get the Right Knowledge,
And most importantly,
Practice Love, Joy, and Peace!